Risk Management Services at glance

For the benefit of our clients we have set ambitiously high standards for ourselves with regards to competence and risk evaluation tools. As our client, you will be designated a risk management specialist, with the responsibility for coordinating and delivering on all services agreed with your company. At a glance, our service range comprises:

  • On-site surveys and other risk evaluations with accompanying loss prevention reports. These reports, with risk improvement recommendations, are sent to clients within three weeks of each visit.
  • Annual property loss prevention summaries with benchmarking evaluations
  • Management briefings on current cargo and liability risks
  • Management briefings on Health & Safety issues
  • Risk management loss reports for major property claims
  • Professional advice on a daily basis. This includes advice on construction projects, plant extensions or modifications, contractual advice concerning liability, technical advice on securing the load in special transportation situations, advice on Health & Safety.
  • Regular information sharing regarding lessons from losses, industry loss drivers, emerging risks and loss prevention solutions.

Managing Property and Business Interruption Risks

In investigation of property and business interference chances perceptions, meetings and friends records are utilized to recognize the organization’s property chances with the ideal degree of detail.

Property hazards analysedan  include for example fire, breakage, cycle and substance chances, just as development and establishment hazards. Business Interruption chances imply property and association chances, and the connected examination includes an overview of the customers’ different danger regions.

The beginning stage of a load hazard overview might be an individual payload transport, a venture like vehicle substance or the client’s overall fare field.

A decent beginning stage for an effective transportation is dependence on excellent vehicle administrators, however the payload dangers ought to be studied first so the connected necessities can be set as needs be. Freight hazard investigation additionally implies legal issues like vehicle and payload obligation. Load hazard investigations are for the most part customized by the necessities of the client.

Managing Liability Risks

A liability risk involves the threat of the company or individual having to bear the consequences of damage or of breaching standards due to operations, a product, an act or neglect.

A liability risk survey involves the analysis, through interviews and review of documents, of the company’s key liability risks. The liability risk survey can cover all of the company’s liability risks or only those of agreed sectors.

Managing Occupational Health & Safety Risks

When assessing occupational safety, key occupational accident and health risks are identified. In addition, measures performed to manage the risks are inspected, and suggestions for improvements are presented.