Data Technology (IT) has gotten basic to the tasks and intensity of associations all throughout the planet. Adequacy of IT backing of the business is under the spotlight since IT is commonly among an association’s best five consumptions, yet research uncovers that a normal of 10 to 25% of an organization’s complete IT spending is squandered or utilized impulsively. In the present administrative consistence climate, it’s no big surprise senior heads have genuine, legitimate worries about the IT frameworks and the degree to which they support business targets and the dangers IT presents in their associations and the responsibility of expenses

If this is your situation
  • You have key business requirements that are not supported by IT systems
  • You wish to automate or reengineer your business processes
  • You wish to have a partner in selection or implementation of the right software
  • You need a review or assessment of your IT function
  • You wish to have the right IT organisation in place to support business requirements
  • You recognize the need to better align IT to the business

How Audimux can help you


We can assist you with mechanizing your business measures, resolve your data framework issues, and adjust your IT work appropriately.

Our counseling assets have bleeding edge aptitude in driving ERP arrangements, for example, SAP and Oracle just as in center financial arrangements. Our answers depend on a top to bottom comprehension of your business interaction and problem areas. We work with you to assist you with adjusting your IT assets to your business targets and construction them to limit key business hazards.

We have insight in dealing with all parts of ERP projects life cycle including project the executives, establishment on numerous stages, business measure plan and planning, setup, preparing, testing, information change and approval, redesign and support. Our tasks are recognized for arrangements that:

Are implemented on time, a rarity in IT projects

  • Offer complete and seamless integration of systems across the departments in the company as well as across the enterprise as a whole
  • Are based on best practices
  • Provide accurate, timely and meaningful information for decision making

We review the IT function in relation to risk; improve the effectiveness of relationships between IT, the organization and with suppliers. We also work with you to improve the fit of services and solutions to the organization’s needs and in increasing the value of IT to the business.

Services that we provide

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • SOX reviews and controls in an automated environment
  • ERP implementation services
  • ERP project Management
  • ERP appraisal consulting
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • IT audits and reviews
  • IT risk assessments
  • Provide recommendations regarding IT governance, operations and organization
  • Review of IT General Controls