Audimux deliver internationally coordinated preparation of audited financial statements services to audit firms or on a multinational level.

Clients benefit from a tailored approach to suit the requirements and complexity of their organisation. The exceptional quality of firms’ audit work is rooted in the knowledge of the relevant international and national legislative and regulatory requirements combined with their innate local and cultural expertise. Audit services include:

What we do:

We prepare financial statements, do complete risk assessment, review and finalize the audit in the following way:

  • Preparation of overall audit plans and continuous monitoring of audit activities.
  • Preparation of Audited Financial Statements.
  • Review of Draft Financial Statements prepared.
  • Analysis of trends in Financial Statements. Ratio Analysis – Horizontal and Vertical Analysis of financial statements.
  • Analysis between Sales from Bank Statements / Financials / VAT Returns.
  • Testing and confirmation of material or significant balances and disclosures.
  • Drafting of Requirements and collecting details maximum required data for audit from clients.
  • Risk Assessment and implementation of Procedures to mitigate audit risk to minimum level.
  • Preparation of Management Representation Letter (MRL)
  • Prepared Summaries as per law of individual countries e.g in U.A.E – VAT Summary, DMCC Summary, JAFZA Summary etc.
  • Analysis through VAT Rules.
  • Preparation of Audit Reports
  • Finalization of Audit

 Audit firms around the world outsource their work to us such as:

Statutory Audits – aside from complying with regulatory demands, these independent reviews provide clients with insight on effective financial reporting and control mechanisms to enhance their business performance.

Due Diligence – enables clients to assess, manage and mitigate the risks involved with setting up and trading internationally either in their own right or in a joint venture or other arrangements.

Specialist Audits – provides clients with sector based insight on a wide range of vertical markets including charities, pension funds, financial services, public sector and banks.

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